About Us



The Conway Workshop Association began in the early 1970’s as an activity centre for adults with physical and intellectual disabilities.  Its purpose was to offer an environment where the participants could become more productive and independent.  The initial focus was on craft-making, gardening and button sorting; however, it wasn’t long before the numbers grew and new ideas were generated.  Cutting, splitting, piling and loading firewood became a mainstay of the organization, together with promotional button making and the stripping and re-finishing of furniture.  With the introduction of these new skills the organization evolved from an activity centre to a sheltered workshop.  Today we continue to expand our operations in the workshop both to increase skill development of the individuals who participate in our programs and, to serve a need in our community.  We are the electronics recycling depot for the area, we provide freshly made baked goods to local businesses and the public, and we support the local schools with events such as day camps and other activities.  In addition, many of the individuals supported within our programs work and/or volunteer in the local business community.  We are also very open to new ideas and business ventures that further promote abilities of our clients, and provide our local businesses and community with a service.

We offer supportive housing arrangements within the Town of Digby.  These include small options homes, a group home and supervised apartments.  Individuals living in our residential options are supported to learn daily living skills and to participate as active citizens in their community.

Within both the workshop and residential options, we support 32 clients and have a total of 37 staff (includes full-time, part-time and casual).  The employment offered to local citizens has a significant economic impact on our area and we are proud to provide stable, well paid employment.  We have 13 volunteers who serve on our Board of Directors.  Regular meetings take place on a bi-monthly basis, and committee meetings occur monthly or as required.